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Community Builder for Joomla


Community Builder has been built for Joomla to provide users with profiles. It also has a bunch of add-ons for it that cover a wide range of extra features which you can find here. One specific addon, uddeIM, that I have recently integrated is a messaging framework built for users to message other users. For my specific purpose, I have re-purposed this functionality for users to message admins back and forth.

One of the most helpful features for Community Builder is it's extensible profile model. You can add a multitude of different types of fields to your profiles (text, image, textarea, html editor, integer, checkbox, multi-select checkbox, drop-down, multi-select drop-down, radio, date, email, weblinks). I have specifically used these fields for user info and also user settings that control everything from customizable displays and notification options.

Community Builder has a high learning curve which leads to long development time for beginners when making large customizations, but out of the box it does its job well.