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Homebrew for Mac


As I am fairly new to the Mac world I decided to see what the fuss was about with Homebrew (http://brew.sh/). I gave it a little thought as I am not usually a fan of giving programs the ability to automatically do stuff that I am not fully aware of. I ended up proceeding with the install hoping that it would make things a little simpler for developing various projects. Immediately I began freaking out as it starts putting stuff into /usr/local which is where I install various development tools.

Installation went as to be expected no problems there. I then start installing some tools through Homebrew. Specifically, I chose MySQL to get an old website up and running locally to make a few edits. What I found was it did not seem to make the MySQL install any easier than if I was to install it myself

Once tinkering with the Homebrew method and reading a few guides about adding MySQL to the boot process and possible socket confusion I cleaned up my /usr/local directory to remove the MySQL that Homebrew placed there and Homebrew itself and went with a normal install.

I will do some more research on the benefits of Homebrew and try to find things in the future that it would be suitable for but it did not seem appropriate to use for a MySQL installation.