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I have recently taken on my first Joomla project. Unfortunately it has been a hand me down project so I am dealing with various past coders customization of Joomla. As with anything there has been a very large learning curve which is still happening daily for me. It seems like a very robust framework and the core is well coded. My main problems so far have been the fact that the admin users of Joomla can install any extension or setup any module that may end up being disregarded and really cluttering up the codebase and the database.

The customization by using various extensions is great for people who are not technically savy and want a very general sort of functionality that everyone else wants. As far as writing your own extensions it is straight forward though Joomla does not support any sort of ORM features so everything boils down to raw sql from what I have noticed so far. The documentation of Joomla is very limited and extensions definitely need to be coded in a particular format to make Joomla happy.

I will be sure to post more as I learn more of Joomla's internals. The one thing I really wish I had was some good documentation on the internals of Joomla's framework and Admininstrator backend. If I find some resources I will be sure to post them!